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The Chronicles of T.A.C.T. 48 - July Edition

The Chronicles of T.A.C.T. 48 - July Edition

Arizona Public Risk Management Association Summer Conference


T.A.C.T. 48 had the honor of being one of the Silver Sponsors for Arizona PRIMA’s Summer Conference in Flagstaff, AZ this month.  The collaborations between municipalities and private sectors to look at that risk – the “what ifs” – of situations and minimize the consequences through education and processes is remarkable. 


To highlight just one section of information presented, this year participants were provided with a two-part Keynote address from Gordon Graham who highlighted The Seven Rules of Admiral Hyman Rickover and Your Black Swan is Someone Else’s Gray Rhino.  Mr. Graham’s captivating speaking style kept everyone engrossed in his speeches.  While it would be impractical and quite frankly impossible to capture all the amazing points Mr. Graham presented, T.A.C.T. 48’s takeaway for our organization is that our clients typically call us on one of their worst days.  Maybe it was a Gray Rhino moment (a highly probable, high impact yet neglected threat (example being a hoarding type of situation)) or a Black Swan moment (an unpredictable event that has a major impact (example being a sudden death)) – in either case, our roll in the client’s time of need is to be the solution, doing so with empathy and compassion. 



Thank you to all the multiple other speakers for their thoughtful and well-prepared presentation that provided other thought-provoking information.  Additionally, thank you for all the work of the PRIMA Officers & Directors: Susan McKee (City of Kingman), David Parker (Pima Community College), Eric Scott (Navajo County), Amanda Wilber (City of Cottonwood), Maria Robinson (City of Flagstaff), Mel Thomson (City of Phoenix), Shannon Murphy (Maricopa County), and Randi Stephens (Town of Clarkdale).

Can’t I Just

Clean It myself?


One of the more frequent questions we get asked when someone hears that we are in a biohazard remediation business is, “can’t someone just clean that up themselves?”.  Usually this comes from a person that has never had the need for a biohazard clean-up and/or never knew the services even existed in the first place.


Professional biohazard remediation is crucial to ensure the health and safety of individuals involved, proper cleanup and restoration, compliance with regulations, emotional support, and prevention of cross-contamination. It is a specialized task that requires expertise, training, and adherence to strict protocols to mitigate risks and restore affected areas to a safe condition.


See our news article on HERE for more information on this subject.

Welcoming 5 New Lead Techs


At T.A.C.T. 48 we are committed to providing the community with professional and highly trained team members to assist in any remediation work.  This month, we were honored to welcome T.A.C.T.’s franchise founder and owner, Matthew Lovasz, to town to lead a training seminar for five new T.A.C.T. 48 technicians.  The training included classroom and on -site training.  We discussed our mission and philosophy of treating our clients with dignity and respect while going over the legalities of what is necessary to start the work for the client. Extensive training was completed on how to properly remediate multiple kinds of situations while keeping themselves safe working in biohazardous conditions.  All this training leads to a stronger workforce to assist our Arizona community.

We are very proud to introduce to you our five new lead technicians:


Libby Burchett

Lynn Dorsett

Xander Lesaffre

Ethan Rodriguez

Caleigh Spoon

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