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Phase 1: Removal and Cleanup

Phase 1:  Removal and Cleanup

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Phase 1: Removal and Cleanup

Throughout the home we will: 


Identify and discard all spoiled food and contaminated personal items throughout the room.


Locate and salvage important legal, financial, and personal documents (wills, insurance policies, birth certificates, bank statements, passports, credit cards, stock certificates etc.), photographs, cash, jewelry, collectables, antiques, and anything else of obvious real or perceived value. 


Remove and discard all disposable items (debris) and personal items that cannot or should not be salvaged.  This may include any of the following:


All debris and items of no perceived or real value. Examples include paper, cardboard boxes, food containers, plastic and paper bags, bars of soap, soiled clothing, general household items, and anything the client does not wish to retain or is contaminated. 


Discard any contaminated furniture, mattresses, etc. that cannot be restored to a healthy biological state after discussion with Client and/or that Client requests to be discarded.


Discard any clothing and miscellaneous household and personal items as directed by client including items that have no real or perceived value or cannot be disinfected.


Remove and properly dispose of electronic components using e-waste disposal protocol for any electronics that are not retained by client or are not working.


Identify and place to the side aerosol, chemicals, cleaning products, paint, or any other materials in the home that cannot be disposed of in dumpsters.

Phase 1: Removal and Cleanup