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The Chronicles of T.A.C.T 48 - June

The Chronicles of T.A.C.T 48 - June

 4 Benefits of Using T.A.C.T. 48

for Rodent Clean-Up


T.A.C.T. 48 offers numerous benefits when it comes to cleaning up after rodents. Here are four key advantages of utilizing T.A.C.T. 48 in rodent cleanup: 

  1. Efficient and Thorough Cleaning: We incorporate cutting-edge technology designed specifically for rodent cleanup. Its advanced cleaning mechanisms using proprietary chemicals, ensure comprehensive and efficient removal of rodent-related debris, including droppings, urine, nesting materials, and pathogens. This thorough cleaning reduces the risk of disease transmission and eliminates odors associated with rodent infestations. 
  2. Enhanced Safety: We prioritize safety for both the cleaning crew and the occupants of the affected area. The equipment is equipped with advanced filtration systems to capture and contain airborne particles and allergens, minimizing exposure to harmful substances. 
  3. Time and Cost Savings: The efficiency of T.A.C.T. 48 allows for faster cleanup operations, minimizing the downtime and disruption caused by rodent infestations. With its advanced technology, cleaning crews can complete the task in less time, reducing labor costs and improving overall productivity. 
  4. Peace of Mind: Utilizing T.A.C.T. 48 for rodent cleanup provides peace of mind to property owners and occupants. Knowing that a state-of-the-art technology is employed ensures that the cleaning process is effective, safe, and reliable. This instills confidence that the property is free from health hazards and further infestations, promoting a clean and healthy environment for all. 

In summary, T.A.C.T. 48 offers efficient and thorough cleaning, enhanced safety, time and cost savings, prevention of secondary infestations, and peace of mind, making it an ideal solution for rodent cleanup.

Partnering with Sun City Home Owners Association  (SCHOA)


T.A.C.T. 48 is proud to be part of the Business Partner Referral Program's offered by Sun City Home Owners Association (SCHOA). 


SCHOA has a long-standing reputation for maintaining the high stand of the Sun City community.  Their mission is to preserve Sun City's property values through the fair and consistent at application of the CC&$s (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions).  They have been working this integral role since 1963!


As a 55 and older community, T.A.C.T. 48 recognizes the unique needs that our elderly community needs.  We look forward to serving the community.  SCHOA members can find our information on the Business Partners section of their website at under "Biohazard Cleanup & Disposal" and "Eliminate Property Odors".


Record Heat Across the Nation -

Look at for Each Other


As we pointed out in a recent blog on our website, heat can have a significant impact on mental health, especially during periods of extreme heat or heatwaves. High temperatures can exacerbate existing mental health

 conditions and contribute to the development of new ones. 


The increased social isolation, disrupted routines, financial stress, and the impact of heat on mental health sadly contribute to higher suicide rates in the summer months. 


If your family is effected by this issues, please contact us for assistance.


Arizona Fun Facts

Saguaros are an icon of Arizona.  They have an average lifespan of 150 to 175 years and grow up to 50 feet in height.  They are protected under Arizona's native plant law - meaning if you willfully destroy (cut down) one, you could be fined and have a class 4 felony charge.  Respect the plant!


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