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The Chronicles of T.A.C.T 48 - February

The Chronicles of T.A.C.T 48 - February

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Proud Vendors of the City of Scottsdale


T.A.C.T. 48 is excited to announce that we are official vendors of the City of Scottsdale.  As the Last Responders, we are looking forward to assisting the City during their emergencies so that we can get the First Responders back out to serve the community directly.



You Can’t Make This Stuff Up


Our first job of the month sadly was one of the worst scenarios in our business where someone elected to take their own life.  Our client came to us after calling the competition and being told (I’m paraphrasing as I was not privy to the conversation directly) that they need to “schedule these types of jobs a month in advance”.   Our honest and immediate reaction was utter horror.  The sheer inhumanity of saying something like that in any form to someone who is going through what is likely the worst day of their life is utterly unbelievable.


While T.A.C.T. stands for Trauma And Casualty Team, our determination is to give Thoughtful And Compassionate Treatment to everyone, every time.


Arizona uses 988

Suicide & Crisis Lifeline


The Lifeline is provided 24/7.  It is a free and confidential support line for people in distress, aimed to help prevent suicide. 


Dial 988 if you need help.

You Ask, We Answer -

What is an ATP?


Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is an organic molecule that is used by living cells as the main source of energy. The presence of ATP on a surface indicates that the surface has not been adequately cleaned and has the potential to harbor and support bacterial growth. The residue may also contain hazardous material including potential allergens. Therefore, ATP is an ideal indicator of surface cleanliness.  (Source:



For food preparation surfaces, anything above a score of 10 is considered dirty.  In other settings like schools, senior living facilities, hotels, and commercial office spaces, an ATP reading of less than 30 indicates that pathogens are unlikely to grow. (Source: T.A.C.T. 48 will use this test when we are looking to see if a hazardous material is potentially on a surface – numbers can be in the hundreds on initial testing!  T.A.C.T.’s proprietary chemicals are used to remediate surfaces back to a clean environment – often getting it below 10 on the first pass through!








Arizona Fun Fact

Did you know that per A.R.S. § 3-2664 you must have a permit to feed garbage to a pig?


I have no idea why this needed to become a law, but it is on the books.  If you feel the need to feed garbage to a swine, you must first obtain a permit. 


Make your life easier and just call T.A.C.T. 48 if you have a need to clean out a home with hoarding issues.


Contact us 24/7/365


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