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The Chronicles of T.A.C.T. 48 January

The Chronicles of T.A.C.T. 48 January

Maintenance Mania 2023

***Need more business cards***

Arizona Multihousing Association (AMA) hosted their annual  Maintenance Mania event here in

Phoenix on the 26th of January. This is a national competition wherein maintenance technicians get

to show off their skills in seven different areas including water heater installations, carbon monoxide safety and - my favorite - a race car

competition where they made race cars from common maintenance supplies.

It was a great event to meet some amazing people and let them know who we are and what we can do for the community. We must have said,

“biohazard remediation” a million times that day.  In general the response was one of two things: (1) “oh I wish I knew about you a month ago” or (2) “glad to know there is someone new out there as I’m not happy with who I’ve used in the past”.


Lesson learned for us was that we need more than 500 business cards next year.


Little one came in hot

Baby can’t wait to make it to the hospital


In this industry, we are known for being “the last responders” meaning that we are the last one at a scene of what is usually a tragic death. On Sunday, January 15th we were privileged to see the other end of the spectrum - welcoming life into the



Sometimes, as experienced parents, we think we know exactly what we are doing. Well, that’s not always the case. For this client, this was their third child and they stayed at home going through labor a bit longer than they probably should have. Baby Boy just couldn’t wait for Mom & Dad to make it to the hospital and Mom had to do all the work right there in the family car.


Still at the hospital, Dad did what anyone would do and went to Google to figure out what needed to be done to get the car back to a safe environment for his family. While he called several biohazard cleaning companies, T.A.C.T. 48 was the only company caring enough to respond and went out the same day – to the hospital – to take care of the situation. Of course, the hospital assisted with the typical mess after a birth but there were still fluids that needed to be taken care of. We quickly assessed that the front seat would need to be disposed of along with a small section of carpet under the seat. All work was done within a few short hours.


Arizona Fun Fact


Arizona was the 48th out of the 50 state to join the USA.


Arizona had been part of the country’s territory since 1848.  However, it didn’t get its star on the American flag until 1912.


T.A.C.T. 48 – Coincidence?  I think not! 

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